I wonder how life is
on your side. As for me,
I am trying to live
with the fact that you left
seven months before my birth

I’m sorry
I really can’t help
but imagine
how you sleep at night.
As for me I try to fight
for strength to wake up
the next day knowing
you abandoned me

I wish I was like
a music instrument,
so I could just press
the Stop button
to actually stop
myself from crying
every time I think of you

Dear father
I didn’t mean to bother you
I just wanted to tell you
that mommy raised me well
Even though she didn’t
have enough money

You shouldn’t have left her
You should have made it clear
that you were only the
gene donator
maybe it would not hurt this much

As for me
I longed for a father
until I didn’t anymore
I wanted you
to be part of my life
until I realised
I need you no more

I cried during the night
until my head ached
and there were no more
tears in my eyes
I hope the Lord
blesses you wherever
your are

your abandoned
broken-hearted child