You left mama with no choice
after impregnating her.
You left her miserable and depressed.
You made excuses after excuses,
you left without meeting me.

She is in pain,
she hates you.
She sounded broken
when she had to tell me about you.
She couldn’t forget the pain
you put her through.

I listen to her sobbing
every time she goes to sleep.
I remind her of you, damn!
the pain is too deep.
I upset her countless times,
yet she loves me all the same.
I disappointed her but she still raised her head
so your memory could fade.

I wonder if you feel any remorse.
Why did you never come to see me?
Why couldn’t you take care of her
when she was pregnant?
Why didn’t you shut up
instead of making excuses?
Why did you leave in the first place?

Countless questions unanswered.
I still wait on a porch
where my mom used to wait for you.
I won’t give up that easy.

Daddy, you failed her!
But I still wait hopefully for you.