I waited patiently
hoping you would come
I waited for my cupcake
I was in a long queue but never served
I never tasted its fullness
I never held it close to me
Such a beautiful cupcake
And I know it is creamy
the most beautiful cake ever seen
A cake that changes someone’s life
I kissed the creamy cake and I thought I would flee
I though tomorrow I will have time
I thought I would eat the cake
The cake is so eye-catching
It looks so delicious and tasty
I could not breathe, as it took my breath away
I could not put all my moves together
I said I would eat it with dinner
But my cake just disappeared
I know it was eaten
because of its ever-felt presence
Its beauty alone speaks a million languages
I know it was eaten and finished
I miss it though
I might not see it again
So innocent
So tasty
So quiet
So shy
I thought it was mine
I was long in a queue but never served
It was eaten