I may be labelled with my disability,
You may call me names in your ability,
You may hate me with my qualities,
And see how we multiply in quantities,
And judge me with my disabilities,
GOD created me for a reason of HIS understanding,
As you label me with your own misunderstanding.

I am as human as you,
I walk and talk as you,
I can have kids like you,
I can be as unique as you,
I can be happy as you
Why do you think low of me?
Why do you take me as an empty useless thing?
What good are you without me in you?

Is it hard to put me in your life?
Is it hard to put yourself into my life and feel how I feel?
Is it hard to call me your brother and not look at my disability?
Is it hard to share with me the little that you got for me to regain my ability?
What good is the world if we are the same?
What aim or goal will we achieve if you keep on calling me names?

Which challenges will we go through if we’re the same?
I am what I am not by choice but as a creation from above,
I ask of you to let me survive,
GOD was never a fool to give me this life to live
What makes you think you can survive by taking my body parts to achieve?
What life do you think you’re creating for yourself for surviving?

Love me the way you love yourself,
For you survive by me as you slaughter myself,
Create a life for us both to live into,
Stop making a nonsense of me while you know you can’t survive without me,
Stop labelling me for I am not an ad or tool like you,
Give me the love and respect you give to yourself
For me to be appreciated by you and the community too,
As they do to you too.