Once upon a month ago, during this very year 2020
A disease from a country called China
Came and crept inside the whole world’s vagina
Oops, sorry, I meant to say saliva

All at once stirring up some type of segregation
Between everyone, mothers, children, the whole nation
Many people are looking at it as some vacation
I look around me, in my neighbourhood and I see celebration

And even though some might call us ignorant
I say yay, go Tafelsig, I think it’s brilliant
Yeah, go Tafelsig, you guys are resilient

What’s supposed to be something so stressful
Has turned into something so restful
And thank you Ramaphosa, last night you made us hopeful

Just last night you delivered a great speech
Said you’re making provision for all those in need
You’ve put our breadwinners’ minds at ease
By saying a word as simple as increase
South Africa, give that man a round of applause please

I think its amazing
How many families are integrating
Locking down at each other’s houses
Sharing food, love and embracing their cultures
I think it’s amazing
How more of us are praying
“God we’re so sorry”
That’s what we’re now saying.