My thoughts matter when I’m on a higher level
Like a burning candle the blunt ashes
My emotions to flatter your fearful heart
Please babe don’t smash my weak confidences
A puff will fulfill your emotional cravings
So let me eat my coward heart
And inhale the herbal part
I know then I won’t lose my sight.

My emotional instability steals the joy
Of our love’s credibility
Let’s smoke a joint so our emotional pieces can join
I will roll my heart with yours as our love tours a full bag.
Can we light up the insecurities so we inhale
Each other’s breathless air into yours and yours to mine.

I twist your waist to rest on my body
My skin yearns for you attraction
My lips call for your kisses as they need your medication
But your love carries procrastination

My thighs shake to the rhythm of your hands’ movement
Carefully waiting for them to reach the most sensitive ligament
My breath slowly welcomes large gasps of enjoyment
As I breathe into you wanting you to be in me
My body reacts to each body sway as my eyes prey into yours
But as I look yours are closed as you enjoy being within me
As I plead you feed me
And please me

We utter sounds and not words we have no space for sentences
Our voices always having high-pitched tendencies
And my dreams are filled with relief with my fulfilled fantasies

So let’s smoke this blunt
My cravings are now combined
With energies that have to be found
Bodies that need to be touched and
Inner sensations that need to be awakened
They cannot be forsaken or broken