Chiweta hill, a yawning timberland
Hosts all walks of faunas
And entertainment that a woodland deserves;
Monkeys play their chattering tunes

Hailed by swallows’ twittering tracks
From far-off owls and owlets echo by hooting

In the background, lions gnaw,
Which the bellowing of an elephant snubs
Down the base, vimbuza special drums bang

Chiweta hill, an evergreen forest
Lives a goddess of siesta fanatics
And an attraction of aliens in diversity;
Vegetation confidently dance into its comfort
Boosting the out-breath.
To the west, a brook welcomes;
In a background, it splashes
Posting an advert of its presence
Perhaps, warm physiques cool down

A home of curiosity
And a curled thoroughfare of first kind
Where orthographic plan of Lake Malawi project from,
A sincerely venue of honeymoons of ages
Sends a valentine card all the seasons
To genuine love fanatics
At least they romance and taste chambo
At the base that borders Lake Malawi
And probably the Chiweta hill