Can she be found?
Looking to all four corners of the whole world,
With deep, desiring eyes,
A woman to marry
A woman to love,
A woman with oodles of love,
A woman who strives for a peaceful and loving home,
A woman whoโ€™s strong as a running horse and never gives in,
A woman who will teach her children that success comes from hard work and dedication,
A woman who knows her place and always submits to her husband like a small child who
listens to her parents,
A woman who fears God and shines away from all evils,
A woman who allows only her husband to go to bed with her,
A woman who never hangs her problems around for all eyes to see
But prays and trusts God to be the solution,
A woman whoโ€™s a true soldier and fights her battles on her knees,
A woman whose mouth speaks what she does,
A woman who turns dark days into joy and hopefulness,
Whereโ€™s that woman?
Can she really be found,
In this painful world where everyone has their on selfish desires?
Where trust is painted with lies and killings?
And love is only spoken with poisonous tongues?
Where mothers have taught their daughters to sleep their way to success?
Can she be found?