You were formulated with morals.
Created with values.
Built with that good character.
Rooted from those indigenous,
Chiefs and Kings.
You were so obedient to your people.
Bloomed from red dark thick blood of our late hero’s.

My South Africa,
you let them come as they please.
Allowed them to do you wrong.
You permit them to come and go as a free zone.
Have decided to donate with our lovely people.
They tortured your beauty because of your minerals.

Sucking gold, coal and diamond.
Squeezing your people’s happiness.
African people became statues in their own land.
Pollute and paste sickness and death to your own people and nature.
Why are you allowing strangers do as they like?

Your preference is on the strangers than your own people.
Does it make you happy to bow to strangers?
Begging them in our own country to give you job.
Where is your own legacy lifted?
South Africa, you are too good in selling your people.