When I look at your face
It’s like watching the night sky
Or a twilight,
There is so much it holds for me,
that is why I keep staring at you.

Your eyes speak to me in sigh
They are so precious like diamond.
Why have I accidentally met you?
In my mind you hiss,
I guess that’s where you belong.

If I may ask,
Cause I want to ask,
It is one of my task.
Are you in relation with Pearl Modiadie?
If so not, excuse my exaggeration.

Your smile says to me three words
Will I be wrong if I admit the words?
Your voice awards me this vast world,
Once again I feel that sense of belonging.
Is your heart made of platinum?

From which rock have you been excavated?
From which wood have you been sculpted?
’cause truly metabolism is your antagonist.
Your curveous body and glowing face,
It makes me coy and jealous of your Creator.
You’re truly exquisitely beautifully gifted.