I remember in the old days
When I was a child, being carried by my mother
Before I learnt how to crawl
And started crawling and licking the soil
Tasting every particle of the soil
Its taste felt so good

Nothing was as sweet as the village soil
Packing a handful into my innocent mouth and chewing it like groundnut
Then I started walking
I walked round the village stark naked without shame

I grew up as a farmer
Tilling the soil for my survival
Polygamy was permitted
I always dreamt of marrying twenty wives
So I can have numerous children to assist me with my farm work

But as time went on
I found myself in the city hustling for survival
Life in the city was survival for the fittest
Unlike in the village where life was hard work
In the city I was faced with a new religion of one man, one wife
Shattering my dream of having twenty wives

In the city everything was polluted
From water to air, unlike in the village
In the city I had to pay bills for almost everything
Unlike in the village where I traded by barter
Finally, I realised that the city wasn’t worth my stay
It’s not for me

I realised that I’m not a city man but a village man
For I was born and bred in the village

I am lucky to be a village man
Call me a village man ‘cause I’m not a city man
I am going back to the village to continue in the way of my ancestors
For no matter how ‘city’ I am
When I die I’ll still be buried in the village

Don’t get it twisted or coined
No more polygamy and numerous children,
But I am going back to farm

Call me a village man
Not a city man
For I am proud to be a village man