We were two lost souls
But I was finding my way back home
I always wondered which way you went
Anyway, I’m glad we kept it on the low
You and I were never for sure
Always in the back row
Always knew I should have said no

But I was young and still slow
I had to endure the pain in order to grow
Remember the night I was crying, heartbroken on the floor?
You said you were sorry,
But I wonder how badly did it you hurt you though?
That was our bond…and it was gone
So how was I supposed to love you more,
When you neglected me when I needed you most?
Always knew I should have said no

Looking back on the road
Everything about us was wrong
You were cold
Always high on dope
I was the foe
Could never really show
So together we were rock ‘n roll
Except we lacked the flow
So we were nothing but a bore
We were hell, a place I have learnt to avoid
Always knew I should have said no

Knew it every time you walked through the door
You were an energy unknown
You were winter days when long
Now, this is me letting the rest of what’s left of the memories go
But it’s not like I still think of you though
So don’t let your head blow
I’m merely letting my history unfold
You were a part of it, so I have to sow
Glad I won the spiritual war
Always knew I should have said no