What makes her African?
Some say it is the colour of her skin
She is one who takes pride in the work of her hands
Her smile brings the world to a spin
Her skin resembles the potent soil of the earth

Dear Africa, remind her of her worth
Her hair is gleam and sheen
Tell her to embrace her authenticity
She is a mother of the nation
The pillar of a strong home
We owe her our appreciation
For she is our source of redemption
Her heart is a blazing flame
A creature inept to tame
Prodded, poked, and pressed
Her scars depict her quest

Do no underestimate her power
She is fearless in the face of danger
Flourishing like a fresh flower
Not a queen, but has the power of a king
What makes her African?
She laughs when in fear
Smiles between her tears
And stars luster a glimmer in her eyes
You beat her
She will rise up
Through the storm and the drought of the desert
She will rise up
And so she is a feline phenomenon
She is African
She will rise up
So what makes her African?