The melanin bearing a black pigment
Within her skin is a blessing she’s cursed with.
A cursing her wrinkled hands cares and caresses.
She wraps her thin arms around the curse
Embracing it.
It is through her teary eyes i see the burdens
This woman truly bares inside.
She’s hurting inside.

The thought of being a child of rape and
a product of true lies is imprisoned in her mind.
She wears a smile: a deceiving disguise
She hides behind. This woman’s life is
A mountain of tribulations and an ocean
Of tides only worsening with time.

She is no stranger to life’s hard knocks.
This woman lives in a deep sleep and
Her life is a recurring nightmare.
She had more than a fair share of being
Engulfed in poverty and fear,
Aware that being black only gives birth
O a mind in despair she longs to just shrink
Into the soil and disappear.

You would swear all the problems she
Was meant to incur were gathered and
Pilled up into a name that her mother had given her.
Poor african daughter.
Her birth induced her mother’s death.
Her first breath was her mother’s last.

If i was in your shoes i would feel
Barefoot but then you,
You are a soldier ready to die at war.
You fought a lost battle with every
Ounce of your blood and weathered the stormed.
You possess the strength of a thousand men
And your body embodies no false bone of
Bravery and for that, i envy you dearly.