Where is my continent going?
Things that are happening are unwatchable
I feel like crying, what moral teaching
do we send to our children?

We complaining of high level of substance abuse,
yet we drink in front of our children
When we abuse alcohol in front of them like that,
aren’t we motivating them to be drinkers?
When we smoke in front of them
aren’t we telling them to be smokers?
When we put fingers on their mouths
when they make noise aren’t we telling
them to keep quiet, even when
something wrong is happening to them?

Husbands are beating their wives in front of children,
aren’t we promoting domestic violence?
Are we closer to the judgement day?
The new-borns are abandoned like dogs in dustbins
What happened to the principle that my child is your child?

What happened to African values,
which say it takes a nation to raise a child?
It hurts to see a young innocent child dying of HIV/AIDS
The youth of 1976 fought for the freedom,
blood was shed so that you and I can freely go to school

It’s quite disappointing to see the high rate
of dropouts in our schools, all that fight was for nothing
My people you should be condemned, complimented and commiserate
Killing my brother and sister from other country is not a resolution
Let us love one another like a family
Let us bring peace and unity in our land