Oh! Dear mother land
Dear son’s of Kwame Nkrumah
The only son in world that shines black!
Africa I bow down with my knees
Your uprising will be always,
Suppressed with abominable cruelty

My dear black continent!
Africa the great grandchild of Jomo Kenyata,
You are no longer innocent
Neither alive, but a cave of abnormal indulgence
Ebola virus is yours,
Isn’t it?
When was your last smile?

Dear black continent, you-
Are the one that told the stories of Dalibunga?
Africa when are you smiling?
Ain’t you the one telling the stories of Al Qaeda and Boko Haram resurgence?
Shame your green valleys are no longer green!

Vuka Afrika! (Rise Afrika!)
Sing the songs of peace,
Sing until the sun set
Let it rain and rain again
Pula! (Rain) Let us shout with pride!
Mvua, mpaka sisi kuimba tena! (Rain, until we sing again!)
Reën op die af!

Ain’t you’re the great child of Dr. Kamuzu Banda?
Didn’t you just told me about Dr. Nelson Mandela?
When is it raining Africa?
Africa unite, run to Mount Kilimanjaro and make the rain-queen smile!
Run to the grave of forefather oMzee Jomo Kenyatta,
And make him smile!