It’s funny how we present ourselves when we are around certain people
We pretend to be people we are not,
Just because we are afraid of what those people will think or say about us
Your whole life becomes a lie,
Because we build on the lies we have already told,
Every time we see these people.
The truth always has a way of revealing itself
And when that happens, you will wish you had told the truth from the beginning.

Who are these people?
Who are these people you are lying to?
Who are they?
What are they to you that you fear them so much?
Then again, how can you yourself answer all these questions, when you are not sure who you even are?
You pretend to be something you are not
You pretend to be someone superior
Just so that you can get people’s respect and acceptance
What does their respect and acceptance mean to you,
If you have not earned it?
What does their respect and acceptance mean to you,
If they do not respect and accept the real you?
Have you ever thought of what would ever happen to that respect and acceptance
If those people were to found out the real truth about you?

Why put yourself through all the pain and misery of pretending?
Why keep the real people who are ready to accept the real you waiting?
Do you enjoy being trapped in another person’s life,
When you could be living your own?
You cry day and night wanting people to accept you
You want society to accept you
The question still stays the same,
Have you accepted yourself?
You cannot expect others to accept you,
When you have not accepted yourself
Remember, life does not owe you anything nor is it a prison
Yes we live in a very judgmental society
But you need to remember, you did not choose where you come from,
The life you are living now whether good or bad
Is preparation for an even better life in the future
The challenges that God has placed your way are preparations for a better life
Yes, it might seem dark and cloudy at the moment
But the light will shine eventually
It never stays dark and cloudy forever
You just have to be patient
Your turn is coming to be that person you have always wanted to be
Without having to pretend