As I lay my head into nature’s lush, green grass
I stare at the endless blue sky above me.
The clouds, the sky, the sun and the birds are all in their own class.
The inconsistent shapes of the clouds toy with my imagination.
One looks like a hopping bunny, another, a dancing monkey.
In me, it arouses complete fascination.
It’s quite funny, I must admit.

Nature has its own art, in which every human plays a part.
Artistic in nature or nature’s natural art?
I amuse myself, shrouded in nature’s glory.
The preservation of nature’s beating heart is humankind’s duty.
What if the world was upside down and a smile was a frown?
What if the sky was the ocean and
The ocean was the sky?
And the night’s star was just a giant shimmering firefly?
What if seashells were food and fish were decoration?
Instead of destroying nature, we are aiding its restoration.
What if we had wells full of gold and greed wasn’t a creation?
What if trees were left to grow and grow?
And the evil of money, we would never come to know.
What if flowing rivers of honey were the only rivers we would ever know?
What if the plants kissed the mighty blue sky?
Heaven we would surely see with the naked eye.

What if gardens equated materialism and wealth and plants were a currency?
What if the sky rained cherry blossoms and the ground gave birth to rain?
What if we had dancing possums and cats with a lion’s mane

The world can be anything you want it to be, see?
Always look at the world as though anything is possible
A world without “what ifs” is a real big bore.
Unlock your “what ifs” and let your imagination soar.
Open the depths of your soul.
Hold onto your imagination, with it you can fly to the sun.
Remember to always have fun, YOU determine how your own story is done.