My bag got stolen
On the first day of school
With all of my possessions
Located within, on the platform
I felt so confused
I felt like such a fool
Yet I had to remain steadfast
Pretend everything was cool
Continue with my life at school

Numb with shock
Rushing and looking at the clock
I have to act fast
Have to block off all my cards
Damn! I have to get new cards
Damn! I have to replace my life
Whilst others watch on
Whilst others laugh on by

Jumped into a colleague’s car
Rushed to the nearest police station
Which was not too far
Intriguing how the uniformed man
Sat in the sun
Had a bit of attitude on him
Made me see blood
This fool is not even from my community
Yet walks around as if he owns this place
My rage continued on
Had to play nice
After having an altercation with him
Wanted to swear at him
As he mocked me with his looks and sarcastic tone
I’m in my own community
Why does he not work in his own?
No sympathy from this moron
Took my statement down…

Then the journey began
Had to rush from place to place
With affidavit in hand
Visited a plethora of stores
Got angered by some
My blood boiled to the brink
Of my heart skipping a beat
Have to act cool
Have to calm down
This anger is not good for my blood pressure
And stress levels
So better calm down

Didn’t even have a time to teach
That first day of school
Felt I had done injustice
To my new-faced learners
This is so cruel
Why did this fool have to do this to me?
A little bit of sympathy
From a bank teller at Standard Bank
I was shaking with anger and shock
At what had just happened moments ago
She sympathised and I got a free new bank card
At least that’s one of the important things I had to stop.
New pin, new code
Damn! Why did this have to happen
Just a few minutes ago?

Police were called in
But we had to hush hush
As without and even with evidence
Cannot voice much
Or end up between the dust
Too fearful to get them involved
Too sensitive and dangerous
With their charms
Quick to spin lies and stories around
After I had done much
To give a meal
To your hungry child
Sadly my feelings have all changed!

I had so much rage in me
I wanted to kill that person
Who took part of my life away
Betrayed by my fellow countrymen
Betrayed by my fellow kinsmen
All I wish now
Is death upon that treacherous heathen

Why take?
Why take when you could have asked?
Was the temptation that much
For you to take charge?
You destroyed my trust in you
You broke a piece of my heart
Now I won’t give a damn
Should you starve

Didn’t your ancestors teach you
That it is wrong to steal from others?
Didn’t they teach you
That you don’t take from your fellow brothers?
Didn’t they teach you values amongst others?
Do you sleep with your fellow brothers?
Under the covers?!
Do you sleep between your fellow mothers?
Are you all lovers?
Did you forget about morals and respect?
Or is that exempt from your intellect?

I hope you know that
No evil deed goes unpunished
That God will take away
What you have taken away from others
That your deed is written in the books above
And it will take a lifetime of repentence
And mercy
To clear your family
With good governance

Waa! stupefied at what has happened
Couldn’t believe my eyes
Believed the lies
Until God revealed to me with evidence
And then I knew for sure
I know in my heart of hearts
That God will deal with the situation
So stay the heck away from me
I don’t, won’t and can’t ever trust you again!

Your seed is cursed!
You are damaged goods!
You don’t belong on this earth
You evil, devoid-of-intellect buffoon!

Don’t worry!
Like the roaring Lion
Wanting to destroy others around him
So too God will see to you
His Angel of mercy
Will use words that are mightier
Than Goliath’s sword
And off with your head and tail
Will you fall
Never more to be
Burden to us all…

Your turn will come too
And then we will see
Who will have the last laugh
Between us two!