Alone laying on the bed
Starring at the ceiling
Fantasizing about Dream
Catchers and wolves,while
The world rotates around me
And life seems perfect.
At times I try to figure
Out my purpose and look
Like a fool.

During weird hours of the
Night insomnia uses me
Like a tool to search
Within myself, what is my
Purpose? Deep down in my
Heart I am trying to
Calculate my life like an
Equation that needs to
Be solved.

Without any answers my
Path to self-realisation
Is unknown I burn with
The desire to seek
What I was born to do,
While everyone around
Me seems to be
Extinguishing the flame
Within me.

Damn it, I don’t know what
To do. My soul feels like
It’s been thrown in a ditch
And left to rot. My heart
Longing to be satisfied
With achievieng greatness,
And my mind wanting to be
Aroused like the sexual
Attraction that exists
Between a man and a woman.

My soul just wants to
Orgasm when the purpose
Is found. The soul is an
Enticing entity that can
Never be filled like the
Black hole, it just
Consumes and consumes
Till the end of time.

However its, beauty is
Rare and uncontainable.
This letter was written
By a soul seeker

Kind Regards
The seeker.
“To seek your purpose is to entice the heart,
Feed the mind and nourish
The soul”. – Brendon Tawanda Takarinda.