Friends are meant to stick together
Share ideas with each other
Have fun as they grow together
Live life as brothers when things gets tough
Friends are meant to be a family
A family that builds each other
And stands up for one another
See each other build their careers
See each other achieve and support them
See each other grow as fathers of their kids
See each other build their empires and support them

A friend is not supposed to be jealous of his friend
A friend doesn’t look down on his friend’s success
A friend doesn’t use witchcraft to get what his friend has
to succeed and come out on top in life
A friend isn’t jealous of his friend’s relationship
with his partner, but supports it
A friend is a person who respects you as you grow together
A friend is someone who assists you when you need him
When times are tough, he sticks by your side and doesn’t judge you
A friend is a person who doesn’t gossip about you
A friend is a person who never stabs you in the back
A friend is someone who will always fight for you
Even if people say bad things about you

A friend is someone who will show you wrong and right
A person who will always show you good or bad
Or guide you when you get out of hand
A friend never sees your struggles but pushes you to success
A friend is someone who will suffer with you
So that he can save you from your demons
A friend never uses you just to please others
A friend is a person who gives you the love of a brother
when you have no brothers
He’s a family member that was never your blood
an angel from above to guide you in this sinful world
A friend should be like a happy drug
Not a drug that kills you from within

A friend is someone you laugh and play with
to feel the happiness inside of you
I can say a lot about a friend but it’s hard to get such a person
But I thank God I was blessed to meet such people in my life
I learned that some friends use you to benefit
and others grow with you to build you,
don’t judge you even whether you were born poor or rich
A friend is that person that you would die for
That person who will show you the benefits of being a friend
Not to impress others just to get their attention
A friend doesn’t look at your skin colour
Or your disability or abilities in life

A friend will always uplift you
When you’re down and out
A friend will always see your kids as his
And love them as his own
A friend will always create memories
for you to feel the love, even in his absence