It takes a mile and miles to forgive
No amateur can forgive if not matured
This globe we live on
Seems to be abandoning its future
Glancing it walking and lingering
Bleeding and torn apart

It took my peace to forgive
It dehydrated my soul
I see forgiveness as a lullaby
I forgive
I forgave
I cannot forget

Do we breathe the same oxygen?
Why can’t they forgive when we do?
Why can’t they heal when we do?
Is this cold-hearted as I assume?

I sometimes ask myself
Why do we forgive those who cannot forgive?
This is assassinating me deeply

How could a forgiving heart face its unforgiving heart?
This devastates everything.

I have been a cyclone and you have been too
It is a stalemate
But why should one fool another?
Isn’t it better to let go of each other?
Than to keep another heart torn?

It makes life taste like a lemon
When it is an orange