19 000 Youth marched through the streets of SOWETO
It was a cold winter morning
The sung hung lazily over the sky
With tears slowly dripping …
Down its invisible face

The sun was crying
Slowly blowing kisses to my unborn soul
Prophesying the coming destruction
As the young people marched over the black fertile soil

Singing songs that uplifted their souls
As they neared their death
Burning tires they held up into the air
That time they weren’t fighting
To demand free houses or toilets

That time they were fighting for free and quality education
They were fighting for a country
In which they could enjoy their mother tongue
The diverse languages that make South Africa the rainbow nation

This was the very same day that the new South Africa was born
The same day that So that the son of a farm worker could become a doctor hundreds of thousands of students
Were shot dead along with Hector Pieterson
A symbol of grit and optimism
They believed that there was more to education than
What they were being fed.

These young people did this
So that we ,the next generation would be free
So receive the education we deserved

So that the sky would no longer be the limit,
Just as the Cosmos never ends
Our limits would do the same