(It’s Saturday morning and everybody is ready to go with their bae.)

Themba: Man, let’s hit the road and grab those girls.

Morris: Let’s go.

(When it is 14:00, the girls are over excited and the four friends are drunk at the festival.)

Zinhle : Hey Morris babe, I don’t feel like staying here anymore, I want to

Morris: Take the keys and go sleep in the car.

Zinhle : Nah bae, we should go home.

Morris:But I am still having fun. We’ve only been here for two hours and I haven’t seen ‘Sho Madjozi’ yet.

Zinhle:(angry ) I don’t care. I said, ‘we are going home.

(After 30 minutes Sipho, Hlanhla, Morris and Zinhle went in the car. Remember, Morris was drinking and driving.)

Should Morris be driving while he’s drunk?