(At the church, there are sounds of wedding music, and there are people waiting to see Sammy arrive with her family.)

Raymond: (Worried and hurrying.) What time is it? We have been waiting for a long time. Where are they?

Ruddy: (Encouraging.) Do not worry so much my brother, they are on the way. She will never dissapiont you. I think they are stuck or they got a puncher! Look, Reverend Peterson is coming towards us.

Reverend: In the name of Jesus, I greet you boys. How are you? What time is it? It’s getting late, where are they?

Raymond: (Sounding upset.) We are fine, and we are wondering just like you. Earlier they said they were on the way.

(Cellphone rings.)

Raymond: (Answers phone.) Hello, Ray speaking, how can I help you?

Doctor: (Sounding down and soft.) Ray Rasik, is this you my boy?

Raymond: (Sounding surprised.) Yes, its me, and who am I talking to?

Doctor: This is doctor Jayson from Kroon Hospital. Do you remember me?

Raymond: (Sounding excited.) Yes, I remember now. I am healed and I feel healthy because of the medicine and pills you gave me last time. And the good news is that it is my wedding party today.

Doctor: (Pauses.) A wedding party? But you never informed or invited me, and who did you get married to?

Raymond: I’m marrying Sammy Boyzen, and I am sorry Doc, but I thought and knew you would be very busy at work, just like you are now.

Doctor: Yes you are right, my boy. I’m always busy at work. (He pauses again and breathes deeply.) You said you are marrying Sammy Boyzen? Hm, would you please hand anyone near you that cellphone and let me talk to him or her.

(Raymond puts the phone on speaker, and he and Rud listen while the doctor and the reverend talk to each other.)

Raymond: Reverend, take this phone and talk to Doctor Jayson.

Reverend: (Answers the phone.) Reverend Peterson speaking, how are you Doctor?

Doctor: (Speaking with low emotion.) I am fine, Reverend. You are a good and right person, and I trust that I could tell you first.

Reverend: (Sounding suprised.) The best person for what?

Doctor: Hmmm, I don’t know how to say this. It is going to be very difficult and painful for this young boy to hear this.

Reverend: I am old enough and I have been counselling many people who meet problems, so please don’t be afraid, tell me and I will handle it.

Doctor: Please tell that boy’s family that Sammy Boyzen died with her three month unborn child after she was admitted at the hospital from a car accident.

Ruddy: (Crying and scared.) What? Oh my God, why did you do this to her? Sammy is dead with my baby? Oh, my baby.

Raymond: (Crying, scared, and surprised.) What? Sammmy is dead? Sammy was pregnant? Oh my God, what the hell are my ears hearing? Rud, you mean Sammy was expecting your baby? Reverend, tell me what I’ve done wrong in front of my GOD’s face.

(They all faint, fall down, and then get delivered to the hospital.)

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