(It is late afternoon at Delvon’s home. He is watching videos of previous marathons while drinking a glass of wine.)

Delvon: (Speaking alone.) Look at this boy. He was so lazy, but he wants to hold the tittle without working hard. He uses drugs unlawfully, attends training irregularly, but I keep on proecting him. I am playing with my work, my children’s porridge. Why am I doing this? What pushes me do to this? Is this because of the bribe he gave me? There is nothing helping him because he still owns position two after Ray. I like Raymond. He is a strong man, flexible, and active. He likes and enjoys what he is doing with all his heart. He is also a hard worker. He is friendly, respectful, and kind, but what I’m doing to him nowadays is not good or right. He is my favourite, my trustee, and he is the one who keeps my club active and alive. He kept me in my position as a coach, and I am proud of him. Well, Ruddy is a businessman who supplies me with money. Why money, though? Damned you money, why are you so cruel? You destroy other people’s lives, and future.

(He slams the bottle of wine on the table and takes remote to change the channel.)

Tell us: Do you think Delvon will ever stop treating Raymond bad?