(It is three days after the weekend away, and Sethu is preparing for work. He notices something strange.)

Sethu: (Shouting.) Mama, I am leaving for work.

Nomsa: Okay my son, I love you so much.

Sethu: Lisa, why are you looking at me like that?

Lisa: I thought you were a good man.

Sethu: (Surprised.) Why are you saying that Lisa? (Nomsa appears from her room.)

Lisa: Mama, bhuti is a rapist.

Nomsa: Shut up, shut up, you don’t know what you are talking about. Sethu would never rape anyone.

Lisa: Bhuti you are trending on Facebook. Some girl called Natasha Wilberg posted on Facebook that you raped her, and people are on her side.

Nomsa: Yintoni umntwana wam le ayenze ebantwini, umona! Umona ndiyawuqalekisa.

Sethu: (Shocked.) Natasha Wilberg! Wow (Phone rings.) Hello!

Caller: Mr Ngqoyiyana, are the allegations thrown against you true?

Sethu: Who are you?

Caller: I am Cindy from Uvutho Ndaba media news.

Sethu: I have nothing to say (He hangs up the call.)

(Sethu is shocked about the news, it was even on TV. As he was sitting down, Molly enters.)

Sethu: Did you hear all of this madness, buddy?

Molly: Don’t worry, I know you are innocent, my friend, and I will always support you, what do you want me to do?

Nomsa: Molly, my child, help him to get over this mess.

Molly: You know what, I will teach that loose little Coloured girl a lesson she will never forget.

Sethu: No Molly, don’t sound like that, it’s kind of racist.

Molly: I don’t care, I am just angry at her.

(There is a knock at the door.)

Molly: Come in!

Nokadephi: Ye bafazi baseMaqwathini! Yintoni nale idumileyo ngawe mntwana wam uzilungele kangaka, oh, Jehovah. Ye wethu Nomsasa, Ndiva nge mpukane eziluhlaza, abahlali late baza apha, bazoyitshisa yonke into elapha, bathi bona abanohlala ne rapist kwi ndawo yabo. Yini na messiah, uphi xa kunje.

Sethu: Bazothini, No, abakwazi. (There is a noise outside.) That’s them, everyone run out through the backdoor.

Molly: Come, lets run to my home.

Sethu: Molly, run with them, I need to face each an everyone who will burn my house and car.

Molly: Don’t be stubborn Sethu, come let’s go (She drags him.)


Tell us: What do you think is going to happen next?