[At Flora’s place, Dudu brags about her new man]

Flora: I knew it, Winnie. The thing we suspected will happen is finally happening.

Dudu: [smiles] I don’t know but what I’m feeling starts from deep inside and it’s magical. I love Peter. I thought this was just a game. [sighs] My poor friend. She is trying so hard to make things right. For these past three weeks she has been a good wife to Peter, but it’s already too late. Peter doesn’t want anything to do with her. Shame.

Winnie: And it’s all our fault. Mxm I hate this. Please tell me they will not kick her out.

Dudu: [sighs] He will kick her out. Last night he told her it’s over. He wants her out.

Flora: NO Dudu! Friend, do the right thing. Leave Peter the hell alone, he belongs with Diana. Please.

Dudu: It’s all up to Peter.

Winnie: Do you really, really love him? Are you sure?

Dudu: I’m afraid yes. Tomorrow there is a family meeting. She has no choice but to leave

[Flora claps her hands and sighs]

[The following day at Diana’s place, the family is seated at the lounge discussing]

Diana’s mother: OH Diana what have you done? What are people going to say?

Peter’s mother: I want to see this woman who stole your heart, son. Is she beautiful?

Diana: I’m really sorry bantu abadala. I’m sorry.

Diana’s mother: You think saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” will save your marriage? You have too much pride, that’s your problem. Indaba yakho ayikhulumeki. You brought this to yourself.

Diana: [cries] I’m sorry Mama.

Diana’s mother: What are you waiting for? Go pack your bags. [clicks her tongue]

Diana: I tried to change. I have changed Peter, give me a chance, a last chance. I will make things right, please… Okay, okay… if you leave me it’s okay, but don’t marry Dudu, she is my friend for God’s sake.

Diana’s mother: Islima se ntombazane. Your friend saw an opportunity and she took it, do you blame her? I would have done the same thing if I were her.

Peter’s mother: Makoti, you have disappointed me, you treated my son like a nobody. He did all the house chores while you were busy drinking, smoking and gambling. I love you, but you don’t deserve a second chance. You reap what you sow.

Peter: I’m sorry Maka Angel. I love Dudu. It’s over. I’m sorry.

Diana: [wipes her tears] It’s okay. I understand. I’m a bad person. I don’t deserve a second chance.

Peter’s mother: Can I see my new bride?

[Peter leaves the room and comes back with Dudu. She is wearing a long dress and a doek]

Peter: Mma, this is Dudu Maseko, your bride.

Peter’s mother: What the hell? YOU!! No, this can’t be. A witch in my son’s house!

[Everyone is shocked]

Peter: Mma! [Peter exclaims at his mother’s reaction]

Peter’s mother: Hey I know this snake. Try and deny that you don’t know me and I will kill you.

[Peter’s mother stands up to look Dudu in the eyes]

Dudu: I’m sorry Mma, I don’t know what you’re talking about [looks down]

Peter’s mother: [She slaps Dudu on the face] Say that again! I will drag you out of this house. Peter, I know this woman

[Peter interrupts her mother]

Peter: What do you mean? Where do you know her? Can you please explain?

Peter’s mother: This Dudu girl taught you to interrupt me when I’m talking? She was at your uncle’s place five weeks ago to ask for a love potion. I was there too to help out your uncle.

Peter: [shocked] When will you ever stop helping uncle? Do you want to be a Sangoma too? I thought you stopped that.

Peter’s mother: That is my brother you are talking about, what’s wrong with helping him? You know it gets busy there so I need to be there to help with the queues and some other things I cannot tell you about. [she turns to Dudu] Stop looking down and confess. Let her confess.

Peter: Dudu, you went to a sangoma to make me fall for you? How could you?

Dudu: [angry] I was helping your wife.

Diana: [Raises her eyebrows] Helping me how? Dudu you were my friend, where did you get guts to steal my husband? How could you?

Dudu: Well what happened is this…


Diana: [shocked] You’re telling me all of them were in on this?! I thought you were my friends.

Dudu: Yeah. They were the ones who convinced me to seduce your husband.

Diana: And the muti? Why do you want to steal my man?

Dudu: I became selfish. I wanted to break your heart. I did this on purpose but they tried to tell me to stop going after your man but I didn’t listen. I did it anyway. And I’m sorry, friend.

Diana: You have guts to call me your friend… please get out of my house now. [points to the door]

Peter: I cannot believe I have been fooled by you. I can’t believe I fell in love with a witch. No wonder you don’t have a man in your life, it’s because of muti. Nobody likes a person who uses muti.

Diana: And she beats them! She is nothing but a dirty package.

Peter’s mother: [shouts] What are you still waiting for? Go!!

Dudu: Okay, okay. I’m leaving, besides I’m not marriage material. It was all an act. [turns and leaves]


Tell us: Would you ever use muti to get someone to love you?