[At Diana’s place. Peter wakes up and finds something in his pocket. It’s a small piece of paper with a number on it. He dials the numbers on his phone and calls.]

Peter: Hello Dudu. It’s nice to hear your voice.

Dudu: Who is this?

Peter: Don’t tell me you don’t know. Don’t you recognise this voice? It’s me, Peter.

Dudu: Oh… sorry. Hi Peter, how did you sleep?

Peter: I slept well, thank you. Uhm, can you come over later, I want to see you… actually not me but Angel wants to see you she enjoys your company. And so do I.

Dudu: How could I say to a sweet girl like Angel? And I wouldn’t say no to a kind man like you.

Peter: Wow, it’s a first time I get a compliment in years. Guess you… [Diana appears and clears her throat]. You know what, I will call you later. Bye. [he hangs up the phone]

Diana: Who was that?

Peter: It’s none of your business.

Diana: I had a bad night. I have been vomiting all night. It’s this Hunter’s Dry. It was my first time drinking it.

Peter: You are so unbelievable! Why do you torture yourself like this? First you slept on the floor, and then you vomited. Why don’t you change? Last night [he pauses] I don’t want to talk about it. My own wife did that to me.

Diana: What did I do now? You have some serious issues, you need to fix them.

Peter: You didn’t even ask how my interview went.

Diana: How many interviews have you attended? Thousands. How many jobs did you get from those interviews? None. I have lost hope in you. I have nothing to say to you. By the way, today I will be visiting my old friend.

Peter: Are you going with Angel?

Diana: Hell no, you stay with her. Let me go take a bath, it’s going to be a long day. [she stands up and stretches her arms]


[Flora’s place. Winnie is helping Flora with washing dishes]

Winnie: Mhmmm Dudu will win Peter’s heart, she told me Peter is falling for her.

Flora: So soon!? They only met yesterday and there is already chemistry.

Winnie: I’m telling you she couldn’t stop talking about Peter and Angel. I think there is more to this whole thing.

Flora: This thing was supposed to be a lesson or an eye opener for Diana. And that was it. We are just helping Diana to realise the importance of her marriage and for her be a good wife and mother.

Winnie: [laughing] I think Dudu got herself a man. What if they date for real? Mhmmm?

Flora: If things get out of hands, we will tell her the truth.

Winnie: ‘We’ No! No! You want Dudu to punch me? Diana said it; she is Rambo. I don’t want scars on my face.

Flora: I miss Dudu. Look now she is not with us but with Diana’s husband. Where is Diana?

Winnie: You will never know. What if Diana catches those two in bed, red handed?

Flora: [laughing and then she smiles] Stop with your naughty thoughts. Nothing will happen.

[They continue washing dishes in silence]


[Peter is seated with Dude on the couch, blind folded]

Dudu: Now taste. [she feeds Peter a spoon of food]

Peter: Mhm… hmm this is really delicious.

Dudu: No, don’t talk, swallow first. Want another spoon?

Peter: Please… mhh you can really cook. I could marry you.

Dudu: [she laughs] Stop it, you make me blush. [she unfolds him]

Peter: Thank you for being by my side. Where have you been?

Dudu: [she looks down shyly] I could ask you the same question.

Peter: Tell me, do you have a boyfriend?

Dudu: I have been searching for a superman; the one who listens and loves unconditionally. Unfortunately I didn’t find one. Right now I’m sitting next to that superman, only to know he is taken. I guess I will find another superman.

Peter: SHHH! [he puts his index finger on Dudu’s lips] No, I’m not taken. I don’t have a wife. She doesn’t have the characteristics of being a wife. I want you to be my wife, Dudu.

Dudu: [shocked] What about my friend? She will think I’m a monster. Who steals someone’s husband?

Peter: I will deal with her later. Promise me you will think about it. I don’t do the cheating thing. If I’m with you I want it to be official; no sneaking around.

Dudu: I will think about it [she smiles and kisses him on the cheek]


Tell us: Do you think Peter suffered too much that he now thinks he is in love? Do you think Dudu really loves him back?