[Diana sneaks into the house late at night. She opens the door slowly and tip toes to her bedroom.]

Peter: [clears his throat] When will you stop acting like a teenager? Really? Do you have to do that in your own house?

Diana: [panicking] You gave me a fright, are you crazy sitting in the dark. Switch that lamp on.

Peter: Where have you been? Flora’s place? Playing cards the whole day? Look at you, I can’t even recognise you. What happened to your face?

Diana: [clicking her tongue and goes to the bedroom] You don’t want to know. [pauses] Is it really bad, my face?

Peter: [shakes his head] When will you grow up and be a woman who knows what she wants? When will you stop being immature?

Diana: [looking at the mirror] Damn, she is going to pay for what she has done. Look at me, I look like a zombie.

Peter: Here we go again. Now you want revenge? Let this thing go, you lost, that’s it. There is nothing you can do.

[Diana keeps quiet touching her face then she goes to the bed to sleep.]

Diana: Leave me alone.

Peter: Are you not going to ask about our baby? Is she okay? Did she eat?

Diana: I hope you did feed her. I want to sleep, I had a rough day.

Peter: No, we need to talk and I’m serious. You need to do your duties as a woman, you know those duties, don’t you?

Diana: What are your duties? Watching television the whole day, listening to those stupid Reggae songs while I’m sweating, working hard? Well forget it, you will do all my duties.

Peter: I paid lobola for you, you should be doing all those things: cleaning and cooking.

Diana: [laughs] Oh really! I don’t stand for nonsense.

Peter: I’m calling a family meeting this Saturday. I can’t take this anymore.

[Diana turns to face the other direction and sleeps.]


[In the morning Peter is fixing his tie. Diana is smoking.]

Peter: Boil a bottle for Angel, and don’t forget to change her nappy. Later in the day make sure she eats her soft porridge.

Diana: [she pretends to yawning] blah blah blah! I know.

Peter: Tell me who taught you to smoke? Do you know smoking is not good for your health? Do you want to have lung cancer?

Diana: Stop whining this is my body, my life in case you have forgotten.

Peter: And you don’t ever think of Angel. Do you know how hard it is to live without a mother? Do you want Angel to experience that? No please, just be considerate and stop being selfish.

Diana: I don’t know how hard it is to live without a mother, and neither do you. Stop talking of things you don’t know. Anyway, where are you going? Why don’t you find a babysitter for her?

Peter: [surprised] You don’t even know that I have an interview. How would you know? Because you are always out gambling you come home late and you go straight to bed. That is your life that is how you live. I forgot. So how could I have told you I have an interview?

Diana: [yawning with annoyance] Whatever.

Peter: Our families are coming this weekend.

Diana: [shocked] What?! What do they want? You know I hate visitors. How could you allow this? mhmm?

Peter: Are you on drugs? I told you yesterday that I will call for a family meeting to discuss your behaviour. I want them to know… [the baby cries]

Diana: [closes her eyes and puts her hands on her head] What does she want?

Peter: She is hungry, I have to go. [he rushes out]


[At Flora’s place. The group of friends are chatting and drinking.]

Flora: Did you see her face. No Dudu, you are the best, you are a true wrestler.

Dudu: You know me (she laughs)! So where is she?

Winnie: I bet she is scared of you. Now we’ve lost a dear friend.

[They all laugh]

Flora: Ai suka friend my foot. She is evil. How could you neglect your child like that and a husband? She was not brought up well. Didn’t her parents teach her how to handle a family?

Winnie: That man needs a real woman. She need to be in the hot seat and then she will realise she has been playing the poor guy.

Dudu: You naughty girls have planted something in my mind. If that man cheats and Diana finds out, then she will stop being the man in that house, she will play her role as a woman and respect her husband. Is that what you saying?

Flora: Correct. But he doesn’t look like the cheating type.

Dudu: The only solution is to seduce him… oh my friends you are geniuses.

Winnie: The question is who is going to seduce him?

[They all look at each other]


Tell us: What do you think about what the girls are planning? Would you do that to your friend?