An alleyway – Axel and Angelo are chasing each other and Axel catches up to him.

AXEL: You know what your problem is? You’re stupid, you ran out of our building and you didn’t knock on a single door. Is it because you knew that no one would believe a lunatic like you?

ANGELO: No, it’s because I knew you would follow me and get caught by multiple street cameras running after me with the murder weapon in your hands, a weapon that doesn’t have my fingerprints on it yet. Now your perfect murder isn’t so perfect.

AXEL: You bastard, I’ll kill you!

ANGELO: And you’ll serve life for it. See, this alleyway only leads into the bowling alley and there’s a camera on the other side of that door. Or you could kill me, turn back the way you came and walk past the camera that already caught you with a knife. Your problem is you think you’re smart.

Axel drops the knife and charges at Angelo and they battle to exchange blows because of their injuries. Angelo trips Axel, grabs the knife and stabs him repeatedly.

ANGELO: (Whispers) this counts as self-defence, you sadistic bastard.

 There is a loud bang. 

POLICEMAN (Voice from off stage): Stop, police! 

Angelo suddenly drops to the ground. He got shot by a police officer. He smiles as he looks at Axel’s lifeless body and dies.