Cast of Characters

Ofentse and Onicah – friends

Act 1

In class, Onicah and Ofentse are discussing alcohol abuse

Onicah: Ofentse, I think alcohol is not good for young people.

Ofentse: (laughing) No way! Alcohol is good and tasty (ebile sa bolela ko botsa ka strong bo).

Onicah: But Ofentse…

Ofentse: Sister, bjanong thula geerh (now shut up).

Onicah: Ofentse listen, do you know that when young people drink beer they end up making wrong decisions like having unprotected sex under the influence of alcohol?

Ofentse: No such thing. You don’t understand, those who do that are just seeking attention. Alcohol gives mvavazo (boost).

Onicah: Okay, wait. How many people have died because of alcohol? How many victims are raped by alcohol abusers?

Ofentse: 56% maybe. That’s what Google says.

Onicah: Do you know why?

Ofentse: No I don’t.

Onicah: Because once they are drunk they can’t control themselves and most are teenagers.

Ofentse: Yeah, I guess you’ve got a point there. But wait, my point is alcohol is not that bad.

Onicah: Oh goodness gracious me! Stop playing.

Ofentse: Okay, okay, I get it, right.

Onicah: So now do you agree that alcohol is a drug to young people? In fact, not only young people but everyone?

Ofentse: Yes I do know now Onicah.

Onicah: Good friend, you better stop drinking alcohol too or else you will lose that mvavazo for your future.

Ofentse: Yeah, let’s go now it’s lunch time.

Onicah: Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s move.

(Onicah and Ofentse laughed all the way to the tuckshop)


Tell us: What’s your take on this short play? Who do you agree with?