My heart is still young but it beats out an old legend, telling tails of the nights it has spent loving you. It spells out your name every second of the day.

You are its master, its saviour and the eyes it looks upon you, are the eyes that would be looked at by an angel. You walk amongst us like a human being but your true form is of an angel.

There are thousands of hearts I could choose from, millions of beauties to admire but my heart has chosen you. Your sight blinds it from any other beauty that is not your own, your heartbeat is the music of love and addiction. The sound of your heart has become a drug to my own.

I appreciate the time you take to gaze at me, I adore every second you spend with me. I love you for being the hero of my heart, you saved me from drowning in my own pain, you have managed to make me forget the steps I took in the past. You have made me realise that the important steps are the steps I will take with you by my side forever. With a smile, laughter, tears I will share many emotions with you.


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