I was a facilitator on one of the #GBV (Gender-based Violence) campaigns.

When I agreed to be part of the awareness campaign I had no idea what to teach these kids, until I realised how women and children were being abused nowadays. I’m no saint but I will never abuse a soul. I am so sad to know that there are men who abuse women and children. How is that? How does one feel after hurting someone?

I used to teach young boys not to abuse women but I realised that abuse is mostly caused by substance abuse. For instance, when one is intoxicated one can eventually feel powerful and then the inside beast takes its place and one can then hurt others emotionally or physically.

I won’t say quit alcohol, but I will say let’s consider or think about your actions when you are actually sober. Men, women are not our punching bags, let’s rather sign up for boxing.

Before you lift that bottle, think. And before you burn that roll, think about those helping to ensure you don’t go to bed on an empty stomach. The Men’s conference taught us that we could be united if we like, then why don’t we unite and say: “Stop women and child abuse!”

Why don’t we protect our roses? These people beautify our land, we’re us because of them.
Let us unite, fellow Africans.


Tell us: Do you agree that abuse is caused by substance abuse? What do you think is the cause of abuse against children and women?