Lihle has always been the noble one. Beautiful inside and out, the kindest of them all. Among the three sisters she was the only one you could rely on. Even her sisters relied on her until one day when she had enough.

The three Sibeko sisters lost their parents a few years back in a car accident. Lihle, the last sister was the smartest, so she got herself a scholarship and found a good job with a good salary. Because she was so lucky she took care of her siblings and their kids. Not that she had to, but she felt like it was the right thing to do. Since their parents died she was the only one who put food on the table. She had to pay the bills, buy groceries and made sure that everything and everyone was well taken care of.

Although it seemed like it was not fair that she had to work and do everything while her sisters did nothing to help her, she would not complain. She would turn a blind eye and pretend it didn’t bother her. That’s how much she always considered other people’s feelings before her own.

Lihle’s company had financial problems so it looked like many employees were going to lose their jobs. Lihle was one of the workers who was worried since her department wasn’t doing so great. She was stressed out wondering how she was going to take care of her family if she lost her job. So she went home to talk to her sisters about the matter.

Her sisters couldn’t care less, in fact they told he she should find another job because she was the educated one. She was so hurt and disappointed, but she never said anything. She continued to let her sisters take advantage of her kindness.

A few months later, the company had to shut down and unfortunately Lihle lost her job. She then saved all the money she got from the retrenchment. She was saving it to start a business. Her sisters blamed her for losing that job. They called her useless and hurtful names and they wanted her to use all the money she got from the company, but she refused; that’s when all the problems began.

Her older sisters, Noma and Lindi, were so cruel towards her. One would think she was not related to them considering the way they treated her. They were jealous of the fact that Lihle was more successful than them. So when she lost her job she was no use to them, they even wanted to throw her out of the house because she couldn’t provide anything for them anymore.

They used to work odd jobs and every time they came home with food they would not give anything to Lihle. She would go to bed on an empty stomach, things were hectic for her. She prayed to get another job or that her business idea could pass.

Lihle then started to sell perfumes she got from a friend of hers. It was going great for a while until her nephew, who was a gangster, stole all her stock. When she confronted him, his mother Noma defended him and Lihle couldn’t even press charges because the boy was her family. Lihle had no money to continue with her business.

Lihle was younger and soft while her sisters were older and bullies; she couldn’t stand up to them. They started to demand rent from her and from that moment she couldn’t take it anymore. She packed her bags, but before she left she got everything off her chest. She told them about how they treated her after everything she did for them ever since their parents died.

She never hated them. When she left she actually forgave them and genuinely wished them well. She received a call from her previous employers who offered her a job for a management position in a new company they were opening. Now she is a very successful business woman and with the money she saved she managed to buy her stake in the company.

She usually visits her sisters and takes them money and food. Every time she comes to visit they would always think about the time they mistreated her and are very ashamed. Her nephew is now in prison; looks like not everyone is as kind as Lihle.


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