I watch the leaves fall from the trees, creating a mesmerising dance of suspended animation before they gently nestle to the ground. At my feet, faded photos lay scattered across the floor, a field of memories, faces, places and smiles of yesteryear.

Camera bulb flashes and the clicks of the shutter resonate of a time that in the moment stands still, and glimpses into our lives.

Young and laughing, twirling and dancing, she leaps from one photograph to another.

Wedding cake, confetti; the two of you, you handsome and her an elegant queen. Stories flooding from the images spread before me of family times; the camps, holidays, Christmas gifts and the times with aunty Pally consuming delectable, creamy ice-cream.

Sugar and spice and all things nice type of nieces; then you and me, we’re the two girls made of adventure, brains and who had no fear. We leaped our away around the sun, your hand in mine and mine in yours.

The sisters with enigmatic smiles, who danced to the rhythm of the earth’s pulse; a bond that crossed mountains, oceans and boundless continents. A time that seems so many, many years ago of moonlight swims and treasured trips.

Colours swirl around me, the hypnotic shades of times gone by. It comes at me wave upon wave. Riding the crest, these memories lift me up and I feel the hues of colour wash over me.

Rhythmically I sway to the pulsating tones of the soft and silky lullaby that flows through my body soothing my soul, all the while the leaves fall from the trees.


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