I’ve developed strong understandable feelings for the ‘wrong’ boy. I say wrong because he is a lot older than I am and I’ve always been against the whole idea of being in a relationship with someone out of school. Well, seems like love really does change people.

I’m always coming up with excuses as to why I need to be with him. I feel incomplete when he’s not near me and his name seems to be the king of my mind. In my eyes there’s no fault in him. To me he’s the perfect definition of perfection, there’s nothing anyone can say or do to mess up the perfect picture of him that I’ve drawn up in my mind.

Whenever I lay eyes on him, my heart threatens to jump out of my chest and connect with his. A million butterflies leave their surroundings and settle like uninvited guests in my tummy.

I know of infatuation and of lust, but I prefer to believe that what I’m feeling is love. It has to be love. I’m not sure whether to follow my head or my heart. My heart tells me to follow it and that this kind of love will only come once in my lifetime. My head on the other hand, scolds me and orders me to ignore these feelings; it tells me that they will fade with time.


Tell us what you think: is loving the wrong person wrong? Why or why not?