Many argue about who brought freedom on earth. Many believe it’s Nelson Mandela and a few believes it’s Jesus. But I on the other side doubt there’s freedom. I argued, what kind of freedom brings impurity to the world? For same genders falls for each other. Same blood kill each other. Young men rape old people. And old people abuse young people. But I was once possessed by that freedom of impurity.

Just like paper floating wherever the winds goes, so did I wonder wherever the impurity of the world went. I was once lost. Lost my dignity. Disowned by family. Friends deserted and discarded me like garbage. I had no one to help me fight my battles. Nor to tell me the storm will be over. I had no one to encourage me or to comfort me. Not only did I lived to please the desires of my flesh, but also did things which were beyond my capability and ability, so as to feel accepted.

I had no one but an impure voice in my head that persuaded me to do evil. Sadly my pure conscious could no longer stop me or differentiate between good and bad. For I’ve slaughtered my pure conscious with my cruelty, and by doing that which I knew was wrong and forbidden to do, that which I knew was right. The blessing I was as a child was defeated by the curse I became as an adult. I was no different than a dead person, for my flesh was active yet my spirit was dormant. At least the dead are in rest, freed from the troubles and sorrow of the earth.

But there was no rest in me. I knew that one day the judgement day will come, and my place in hell will be waiting for me. It was such thoughts that discouraged me. Lowered my esteem and encouraged me to commit suicide. I couldn’t take sleeping pills, I thought what if they don’t kill me but ruin my ribs. Nor could I hang myself, for I thought what if the rope tore. So I went at the top of a high building where I was sure I won’t survive.

But a voice spoke to me and this time it wasn’t an impure voice. But a different voice that spoke a different language; a language which was sharp like a two edged sword. And the voice said, “I know the world regards you as evil and I know you yourself think of yourself as cruel. But that is not who you are.”

I had two options; to believe it or to throw myself from the building.

But I choose to believe it. And I reflected the glory of God that is seen through the face of Jesus. For Satan, the god of the world veils the mind of the unbelievers so that they cannot see the glorious light of God or understand the message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

But when a person believes and turns to God, that veil is removed (2Chorintains chapter 3 and 4).

For years I doubted there was freedom, until I experienced it. A freedom not brought by Nelson Mandela or any man. But the one that only a few believed in, a freedom brought by Jesus. For whatever the world says you are, is false. For the real you is not found in the world but only in God through Jesus, for everything was created by Him and for Him.