Dear Mr President

We live in a nation that is filled with diversity and cultures but we lack believers.

Every great achievement in a group of people begins with a visioner. Remember that within us we all have the strength, patience and passion to change the world against any difficulties better or worse.

My name is Lethu Masuku, I was born in the northern part of Gauteng, Pretoria the capital city of South Africa.

South Africa has spatial challenges that continue to marginalise the poor. Our Social economic factors are one of the most rudimentary issues we find ourselves facing as a nation.

The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers and the only way to improve outcomes is to improve instruction. Increased funding and more resources have not had the desired effect. I would suggest that when children struggle to read and write it speaks to the given instruction from the teachers. Another pillar required to support and rebuild education system is parent involvement. It is time for parents to take responsibility for their children’s education. In this regard, many parents might face challenges including poverty nutrition for their children, lack of resources such as books and even the absence of the very basic amenities of life. Once parents start insisting on the best education for their children we will be well on our way to fixing our country.

Many communities have raised different issues about infrastructure provided by government in their settlements: water and sanitation and health. The services are either at a snail’s pace or not available at all.

I would suggest that as South African people we take initiative into the factors that affect where we live. Social factors have played a huge role in the settling of people in South Africa. Economically developed areas including business and industries can support a bigger population thus the urban population rapidly increases. Urbanisation has caused strain in overcrowded schools, unemployment increases, as does the need for migrants to get housing.

No proper medical facilities will be available until the government has time to build enough for all . The infrastructure is not suitable to carry this rapid growth in population.

The solution which I have noticed which has been beneficial to many communities to the rural depopulation was to promote tourism, ecotourism and recreation. As South Africans we get retired artists to come and live there, and attract business people with promotional investments. To be honest we need to notice and give gratitude to patriotic visioners in South Africa like Aran Moloisi and Penny Lebyane hosting a show called Umphakarhi, s’Khipha ama File hosted Thulani Mdalose, Annika Larsen, Rashid Ramskesson talks that aids for the betterment of South African economy. We need patriotic visioners who recognise the South African struggles but have never disliked or lost hope in our homes. They have shown optimism about the African country despite naysayers.

Unemployment has been the talk of the town for decades – it has been seen largely as a post apartheid phenomenon and a legacy of apartheid.

We need to accept this fact, and its implications that unemployment has current rather than historical causes. Unemployment can only be addressed when the legacy of apartheid itself is finally addressed. Open land that is available can be used for creating more farming either subsistence or commercial. This can benefit communities immensely if it’s done with diligence as the availability of water and other environmental resources is not sparing. Projects of this magnitude alleviate hunger and poverty and also decrease unemployment.

South Africa is a beautiful country there are so many amazing things to say, from the city of Pretoria with the Jacaranda tree that blooms with joy and happiness each time the wind blows, to Cape town with the Table Mountain that serves as tourist attraction for us as a nation, to Durban with the fresh waters that nourish the lands of KwaZulu-Natal. I always wondered why were called the rainbow nation. Every year on the 26th of September the nation of SA emerges beaming with coloured of pride, patriotism and love. Now that’s my birth country, South Africa!