Is the pregnancy unwanted because you’re not ready or the child’s father rejected you and the child? I can imagine that it is the most heartbreaking experience you’ve ever had in your life.

Let’s focus on those who had unprotected sex but forgot about the consequences of their actions. Kids are taught about sex at schools but is that decreasing the rate of teenage pregnancy? No. A teenager is a child who is not ready and fully matured to raise a child. You were never ready for the child and you decided to keep it but that does not mean you wanted to be pregnant. The pregnancy was unwanted.

It is heartbreaking to see a young girl going through pregnancy while still schooling, and it becomes harder for her to focus on her schoolwork. What are parents saying about this? What do you young women say about this? Why can’t we learn from other people’s mistakes, we’ve seen how our parents, aunts, and sisters are struggling with raising their kids at a young age. Why must we continue the cycle and bring our kids into the same poverty we grew up in? That’s selfish mentality.

Let’s learn to take accountability for our actions. I know some of you would ask, “What about the men that got us pregnant?” Let me tell you this: besides rape, a woman is the gatekeeper of sex, that is your power as a woman. Sex only happens when you as a woman agree for it to happen, and you should also remember the consequence after having sex. When are women going to take accountability for their own actions? Some women now have three children from different fathers unmarried, was the lesson learnt? No. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves as women?

Let us learn from other people’s mistakes and do better. Let’s desire a better life for our children, to grow up in a stable family raised by both parents. We no longer want single parenthood because it affects the child at a later stage.

Let us also not rely on schools to teach our children everything. Some teachers teach our kids scary things you wouldn’t want your kids to know. They’re damaging our children mentally. Play you part as a parent, guide your children whether they agree with you or not. As they get older they will realise you were saving them from the worst and they will thank you.

Let us not take teenage pregnancy as a normal thing, IT IS NOT NORMAL. Let’s do better.

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