There are a lot of voices and whispers in every direction. Voices and whispers from people in your life that think they know you better than anyone, including yourself. They will tell you what you need to get to the top, how the next person did, and make comparisons. I am not saying that you should turn a blind eye and deaf ear to all the noise, but you need to give yourself what some call “me time”. The beauty of this time is not in evaluating or trying to reason words coming from the voices of others.

The beauty of being an introvert is the more you empower your mind, the more you will get to know who and what you stand for. Just like a compass and scale, you need to calibrate your mind and soul to have direction on how to deal, handle and apply yourself.

Just don’t lock yourself up in your own mental prison of trying to understand others. Understanding yourself will set you free. Those who understand themselves remain true to their nature. It’s not me, it’s the word of God, John 8:32, “… the truth shall set you free.”

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley

It’s what you do with that time that will determine who you are, your role and purpose, and how to be what and who you are.

Set your mind free. Live your dreams and you will achieve.


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