Naledi Ext2, a township of lost souls and non-dream chasers, where druggies and alcaholics are produced, a community with no hope, a community that is labelled as a home of AIDS because of the number of people who now carry the soil with their chests six feet under, the community of criminals, where every male knows the feel of being behind bars and is proud, ama gintsa nabo guluva – that is how they call themselves.
Everyone in this township finishes school to be a gangster, especially guys. But some are educated and have been into higher institutions, I’m talking about best varsities and colleges. Some don’t even finish school, and every girl aims on getting themselves igintsa so they can protect themselves from the danger. See it’s a “thing” to date a gangster around here, to get everything you want; ama gintsa, they spoil you, they take you shopping, get you everything new and trending. That’s what fascinates every girl, only to be applauded by the society. It’s how things are done. Sometimes girls are forced into relationships with these gangsters, and if ever you refuse you get beaten up and stalked – they make sure your life becomes a living hell, so plenty of girls fall for the trap to be safe from harm. Some do not like it but they have no choice.
I feel in danger because it’s been three months now I’ve been receiving texts from an unknown number and also calls. That is how it all begins: with just simple texts and calls from a person you don’t know. It’s really strange because he’s been sending me money. I think these people do their research properly, see at home we are not financially stable so it’s really hard. Every time he sends money I would return it, even though I need it, but he would send it right back, and I always don’t have airtime to re-send and return it again because at first I borrowed the airtime. He would call and ask me why am I rejecting his gift? And when I ask who he is, he would tell me it’s none of my business. I knew my life was in danger. Reporting this matter to the police was a complete waste of time, because I tried the first time I started receiving the calls and texts, and to my surprise the police told me there was no case because there are no harsh threats that this person has said to me. They also said it’s probably my boyfriend and what-not, they ended up accusing me. The law system of this country is really jeopardized and corrupt.
I’m really scared and I feel unsafe because this how the other girls go for the trap, and end up being beaten up or even worse get gang raped by these gangsters. They are very cruel and heartless, and it pains me that not even the law system can help us or protect us because some of these gangsters are friends with the police, and everyone is afraid to stand up and protest this matter. Our lives as young women are in great danger.