How high am I, how long am I? How much energy do I have, how happy am I? Am I even in the mood? Am I be able to do I want to? Can I trust how much I can really tolerate? I’ll tolerate it anyways, because it’s life.

How many things have you passed too, were you happy about it? High school, college, work environment, living environment, people environment everywhere, how do you feel, can you cope, can you bare it or are you happy? All these environments, I learned that’s what makes you strong.

You’ll learn that life will never give the results that you want. Even the world is diverse on its own, trust me.

As I became an adult my life changed. As they say in the Bible, there is time for everything as you get older, you put your old ways behind you, adjust to your grown state — that’s what happened to me.

The world is diverse. We meet different types of people, so I just suck it up, it makes you stronger.

Making it in the real world is hard. In a work environment, even amongst people it’s just bad, but it gets worthwhile as you suck up the challenges and that’s what makes you stronger; you have to overcome them. You just have to tolerate them.


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