Dylan is an ex-player, as in a casanova, but he is now in love with an amazing girl. The only thing holding them back is him not saying that he loves her too.

“Baby, you mean the world to me,” Dylan says. “I’m not ready to say the word please understand.”

“What is there to understand, Dylan? It’s been 28 months now. I just can’t understand,” Carry, his girl, says. “Dylan, I’m giving you three days. You either tell me how you feel or me and you are through for a while!”

Dylan’s world stops. He never felt this way about anyone. He has worked so hard to get a girl but never thought he would want to keep one. He feels what it’s like to love, to love unconditionaly, but just can;t find it in his heart to say ‘I love you’.

“Dylan, are you hearing me?” Carry shouts. “I’m leaving you but in three days want to see you with your answer!”

Carry leaves.

“Damn!” Dylan thinks to himself. “What’s happening to me? Its bad enough that I’ve been with the same girl for this long time.”

As he was thinking his best friend Lwamza knocks on the door. Dylan goes to open it. Lwamza is smiling and says: “Boy, are you in trouble. Carry was so pissed. I asked where you were and she was like dead! What did you do Dylan?” Lwamza asked.

Dylan paused and finally said: “She wants to know how I really feel…”

“What did you say, dude?” Lwamza asked.

“Stupid answer,” Dylan said. “I just don’t understand it – I think I’m in love…”

“What??” Lwamza acting: “Oh, dude, I knew it. I was waiting for this day. Your days of playing games are over! What are you going to do?”

“I dont know,” Dylan said. “I guess I’m scared of getting hurt. That’s why I always had this mask for girls. I watch so many get hurt to a point where they kill themselves. That’s what every player is afraid of – of losing the one you care about the most. With never letting them they can’t even try. But that’s exacly what I have been doing – hurting people. Wow,” Dylan said, “but I’m tired of running. I wanna feel loved and… I love her man.”

Another knock. It was Carry. She had forgotten something.

“Baby,” Dylan said, “I don’t want to lose you. I love you – you are my air. Without you there ain’t no oxygen.”

Carry smiled and said, “Really??”

“Yes,” Dylan said.

She said to him, “I love you too.”

They kissed. Lwamza smiled. And they had a healthy relationship, no lies, no lies!

The End.