I believe everyone has an ability and purpose in life. We all have different characters and visions; what we do as human beings is to take other people for granted, like I met you today yet I am already judging you without even knowing your middle name. A lemon may look like a yellow sweet on the outside, but it is yellow sour on the inside.

Who are we to judge anyway? Just like you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot judge a person without getting to know him/her. These people focus on their abilities and don’t let their limitations hinder them. Because someone came from a poor background, it doesn’t mean he/she cannot do anything hilarious, malicious or interesting. Even young people can do things that you would never expect from them. We are gifted in different ways and we all have our purpose to live on.

Those of them who don’t work and are lazy are the ones who give the others a bad stereotype. If someone judges a person before they get to know him/her, that person could be making a serious misjudgement because you cannot always judge a book by its cover. Just because the outer image of someone and personal appearance is not what you expected, it doesn’t mean they are unfortunate or unattractive. They are what they are.

When a guy is looking for a girlfriend, he will look at the outer image and forget that love come from within. Love is not defined by beauty. She may be beautiful, but have no loving heart. She may be ugly but have a loving heart. It’s better to know the person you want to be with before you get seriously involved in any relationship because someday you will regret it when you find out that the person is not really who you thought they were.
This is all about me and what I have learned out there. Not everything is what you think it is.

Everywhere in the universe, people are being judged for just being who they are. It’s astonishing to see that some people don’t think they are discriminating against one another when they are doing this, because they don’t know it’s wrong or immoral. Some of the people have not been exposed to the diverse world at a young age, yet they still don’t respect diversity as it has always been said: “Never judge a book by its cover”.

Even the Bible does not allow us to judge. How many times have we not judged a book by its cover? Our hand unconsciously picks the book with the flashy cover. The next step is reading the review and then reading the book. The same psychology applies to judging a person from the way he carries himself; good dressing leads to a good first impression and a book with a good cover can make waves.

It’s so easy to judge, and sometimes we don’t have to be judging in a negative way. We all do it and sometimes we don’t even realise we are doing it. Some people will amaze you by doing things that you never expect of them.