Lips can mumble and murmur but the mind does the thinking. You do not know my story but you can exercise your thoughts on me. Yes, I am different but in the way I never chose to be. I might be better than you but you will always look down on me. I know people’s deceits and betrayals, thus I keep quiet and am tolerant. I am tolerant because I choose to, not because I am helpless. I am not hurt because of what you say, I am hurt because you might regret it later.

I am happy when everyone else is, but I choose to suffer alone because I can handle it. My smiles have many scars behind them, which remain unseen. I am never forced by circumstances to change. I choose to change for the betterment of circumstances. We choose who we want to be, because of certain life choices. Yet still continue to question our behaviours and personalities, whether it is success or failure they never stop to look down on us. A person is not defined by their background nor roots. They choose to define themselves in unique and different ways which uphold their pride and dignity.

A person’s dignity and pride upholds and withstands everything they stand for. Do not judge everyone, as everyone’s story has its own complications and unknown facts.


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