Everyone in their lives has a habit and a wish. When I was still a teenager I always wished of beautiful sneakers to walk around with every day, and as a young person always exposed to the internet and trends of the new dawn of technology, I was always in the loop of the new sneakers that were released.

In addition, my upbringing was never ideal and I lost my father at a very young age and forced to be raised by a single parent of which she did a very great job and raising me. I always longed to for sneakers and poor mom couldn’t get me what I wanted but always got me what I need.

So, the kicks in my life came in when I had to get myself a job to get myself what I wanted whenever I wanted it and that’s when I started a sneaker collection after my first pay cheque on the picture there are three pairs of sneakers of which are most precious to be not because of the price tag on them but because of the hard work that came with me getting them in my closet.

Therefore, let me explain how all these beautiful babies got to my closet and why they are special to me first let’s start with the white kicks, Oh! Just for reference, I call sneakers kicks, the white kicks were the first kicks that I bought with my very own money after almost 7 months of employment and to me, they are very special because those were the first kicks I bought using my own money that I worked hard for.

Secondly, let’s talk about the kicks with the red jump. Man, I really had to save a lot in order for me to get those precious kicks, most teenagers really love Jordans and me getting them was more or less like an achievement. I bought a sneaker that I’ve been dying to buy since I was in high school and I couldn’t because of the situation I was in and I bought them from the money I had worked hard for.

Thirdly, the navy blue kicks, these ones hold a special and honourable mention because my best friend assisted me in choosing them. When I choose kicks it’s not just about the price tag but about the love I put in the kicks. And my friend put me in a vulnerable position when he was choosing the kicks for me he said

“You only get one opportunity, use it while you can” and I’m happy that I wasn’t the one that chose them.

Finally, I think sometimes it’s hard work that pushed me to get the sneakers and for them to be on my number one list of ‘My Special Something’ list, even though my mother couldn’t get all the things I wanted for myself and my sibling could not help me out. It’s their rejection that put me in a position to work the way I worked and get myself what I wanted. All I can conclude on is that with determination anything is possible and hard work pays.