Once upon a time there was a young boy named Frans who was living in a village called Umtheto, far away from the township. The boy was raised by his grandparents ever since he was three years old, when his parents died. Frans and his grandfather looked after cows and horses everyday while his grandmother cooked for them.

When the boy was with his grandfather, the old man would teach him how to play the guitar. During these lessons the old man told his nephew how music was so important and how music can heal a broken heart and how music can change people. Every night before Frans went to sleep, his grandmother would tell him stories, horror stories and love stories. But Frans was too confused because he had never been in love with someone.

One day when Frans was in the bushes alone, his grandfather went to a community gathering, where by all the men in the village sat down together and talked about their problems and how to make their village safer.

A young lady was going to fetch water from the river. She was seventeen years old, the same age as Frans. She heard a sound of a guitar and a voice that touched her heart. She stopped and listened to the music and changed her direction and followed the sound of the music.

Love does not come straight away as we expect it to.

Frans would close his eyes when he was singing and playing his guitar. Then suddenly he heard a voice saying, “Hi”. And when he opened his eyes he saw a beautiful girl standing in front of him. She was holding a white empty packet in her left hand, smiling at him.

His heart was pumping too fast and his hands were shaking.

The girl said, “Never stop playing your music and never be scared.”

Frans didn’t know if he must greet her back or introduce himself to her or should he ask her whether she was an angle or to sing again.

The young lady said, “Tomorrow I will pass here and when you see me, know that I am going to fetch water. Come to me, I will wait for you next to the river.”

Frans agreed by nodding his head because he ran out of words.

The following day when the boy and his grandfather were on their way to the bushes, Frans was playing his music with his grandfather. They were singing and suddenly Frans changed their old song and came with a love song.

The old man never questioned him, he was just enjoying the music.

In the village when the young people are about to fall in love or if they are in love, they must be far from their elders or they must hide to show respect. When Frans was sitting down with his old man, he saw the lady and told his grandfather he wanted to go to the river and drink water. The old man didn’t had a problem.

Love is not a human, you cannot ask love a question. Love goes with a feeling. Love is not something we can see but we see it when it is true.

Frans touched the heart of the young lady with his voice. The lady was enjoying the music while the water in the river flowed. Frans was admiring her smile and the way she danced, the way she moved her body. But when their eyes met they both stopped and held each other, looking each other in the eye. Frans was free to ask the lady her name. Her name was Jane.

Sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of our eyes. What we believe in comes to us as a sign. Jane and Frans took one step of love. They became a couple and remained loyal to each other and free from keeping secrets. They both shared everything.

In the garden there are many beautiful flowers and it takes time to see the beauty. But once you find your beauty take care of it, love it. And when the flower is happy it will bloom and make seeds.

After three years Jane and Frans got married. Frans then told her, “You are the bone of my bone, blood of my blood. As is written, a man and woman will leave their parents’ house and become one. I love you.”


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