Ideas considered as blasphemous, actions perceived as infamous… I’ve been pegged an irreverent pig, a dirty profane preacher who knows not where relevance lives. I’ve been labelled an insensitive atheist who appreciates not what the reverend gives. A hell bound critic who doesn’t appreciate the Lord and does not fathom what the bible is.

But despite the spite on my name, I shall remain analytical to everything because that keeps me sane!

I shall question everything I hear and see because nothing’s ever simple and plain, the world is occupied with apocalyptic thoughts with its natural inhabitants living in vein. You may call me insane but I’m in sane, fixing the adverse functions in my brain, becoming the lion that the zoo keeper failed to tame. Watch me open Pandora’s Box with my brain because after this, life will never be the same!

My name is my name, I am Andrè and…

I possess none but an open mind, take a glimpse and find wisdom inside. My neighbours see the world through Stevie Wonder’s eyes, blinded by ignorance; reality is a feeble sight. Misled by the mystical prophecies, our morals are defiled. Customary black traditions are defied by religions and yet we live our lives vile because we have taken the decision to degenerate our indigenous being by submerging to the white man’s ethnic styles. Today the man in the mirror remains unrecognised. And the one within is the one I will never find because his place is concealed with a plethora of pride (too proud to let himself be seen by anyone on the outside), he hides.

Clouded by the confinements of mortal thoughts, we believe less in ourselves and more in the clout that is divine. Well I defy the rules of gravity and let my mind wander to the universe above the skies, and realise that political influences are fascist mentalities believed to save our lives while cloaking the truth with sublime orchestrated lies. Communities perpetuated with mentalities spread in ministries that they may subsist if they persist to believe in the Lord, but their belief always comes with a price.

Living in a state of utopia and neglecting reality are the core foundations of why we fail to acknowledge the wrongs from rights, the truth from the lies and the mere reason we accept demeaning dogmas without ever questioning the HOWs and the WHYs.

We have thus found ourselves as incumbents of fictitious veracities because we have forgotten those epistemologies that separated the smart from the wise. The school of thought can get you through the University of Life but won’t get you anywhere until you open your eyes and realise that nothing actually lives until it dies.

My vision is to liberate enslaved minds, revitalise their mental acumen while extricating their blasphemous ties to society, so they can conquer and divide fallacies from actualities. As I will not be a victim of a socio-political system where my moral principles are constitutionally defined and my cerebral autonomy is colossally denied for it is neither written nor is it perpetually codified.

I’ve been solitary confined in the dark until I got into the light where I witnessed an echo asking a shadow to dance and the wind questioning the sky for its height, until I heard a pilot say that he’s afraid of heights but the fear of the unknown is what makes him survive. I’ve been told that I’m too slim to survive the 8th mile, I hope they watching now because this is me taking the first stride.

Illuminate your thoughts with enlightenment, knowledge, philosophies and do assent to the rules but always have none to with which you abide.
I thought outside the box and neglected my 6th sense and that’s why I’m on the 9th wonder, I keep wondering why I erupt shattering bullets with my mouth like a charged magnum 45.
Reluctant to being a follower I always take my own side.