Valdin was always an ambitious person. He was always able to learn things faster than others. He believed that he would be successful one day, and would often daydream about his future and the steps he needed to take to succeed.

He knew that he needed to attend a school that supported kids like himself who were weak academically, but good at sports and arts and craft.

As soon as Valdin passed Grade 7 he asked his mother to please enrol him at a school that would help him succeed in what he was good at.

Mam’Do could see how passionate he was and the emotion in his words. She decided to enrol him in an Arts and Crafts school. She knew he loved to draw and was great with his hands so he would fit in well there.

Valdin loved his new school because he was able to express himself better. He would frequently enter drawing competitions and win 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize.

One day his art teacher, Mr Ramp, announced that his drawing would be used as the district municipality logo. Valdin was so excited that he ran home after school to share the great news with his mother.

Upon hearing this Mam’Do jumped for joy, and decided there and then that she would invest more time, and whatever money she could spare, into her son’s future.

Years had passed and Valdin had graduated from Art school. He had excelled in most classes and was looking forward to starting a career with his passion for art.

After graduating Valdin started working at a marketing company. He never stopped sketching his own designs.

After a year of saving up money he opened his own company with a clothing label called Chocolate Brownie. After releasing his first design his clothing brand began to trend on social media and the rest was history.

At an interview that same year Mam’Do said, “I think it was his ability to believe in himself and to make you see the future through his actions and determination. He deserves all he has now.”

In response to this Valdin said, “It was my mother’s willingness to help me, no matter what, that got me here today. If it wasn’t for her I’d just be another kid with a dream that remained that – just a dream.”


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